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Recommendations for a free image viewer with strong editing features

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I've been looking everywhere and so far the only two apps that somewhat cover my needs are XNView and IrfanView but even these two popular viewers leave lots of room for improvement.  Below are the main features that I'm after:
1. Auto-rotate based on EXIF and object detection
2. Crop
3. Borders with transparent shadow
4. Manual rotation
5. Fast image browsing
6. Perspective (vertical and horizontal keystone) adjustments
7. Insert text objects with options to set font, size, alignment, shadow, transparency, glow, and ability to re-modify them before committing (saving) the changes
8. Insert shape objects with options to resize, line width, line colour, width colour, transparency, shadow and ability to re-modify them before committing the edits
9. Insert images with ability to resize and shadow
10. Layers or foreground and background ordering
11. Convenient tagging to simplify organizing
12. Auto-enhance (automatically improve contrast, levels, colours, sharpness, reduce noise, etc) with one click
13. Portability
14. Pixel-level editing like in MS Paint with ability to erase, clone and copy areas
15. Free. If no such free options exist, the cheaper the better.
16. Obfuscate (blur out)
17. Plugin support (photoshop 8bf format would be a plus)

For paid, Zoner or ACDSee would probably come the closest but I'm wondering if somebody has heard of similar free tools 

Others will be able to give better advice for editing, which I rarely do, but my general advice might be to stick with irfanview or xnview for your #5 (fast image browsing) and some quick stuff like #2 (cropping).
That will make it easier to find an editing tool that meets your other requirements.

I'm with mouser.  I don't know about viewing but for the editing I'm told Gimp For Windows is the free tool that can do anything PS can do.  The UI is a bit different so it often deters giving it a fair trial.

Echoing some of the above sentiments, I've not yet seen a viewer that really is very good with editing for anything except basics. MilesAhead's recommendation for the GIMP is solid. You may also want to look at Paint.NET.

One of the DC members here (Vitaly if memory serves me right) has made RWpaint, which has editing covered pretty well.

PaintStar is another alternative (also free, but this one can be used as least the version that I have here does)

And if Gimp isn't what you like, there is Krita.

Still, a good viewer is not an editor and a good editor isn't a good viewer.


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