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Mouse-wheel zooms reverse


A small grit in my daily mouse movements:
SC zooms IN by rolling the wheel away from the screen
Other software zooms IN by rolling closer towards the pic and not away from it.

Nothing wrong with either approach, just a matter of convention: MS Office, Firefox, File Managers including Win Explorer - all follow the 2nd approach. Reinforced by these programs, you habitually find yourself zoom-wheeling the wrong way in SC (or everywhere else if SC is your main hangout)

Bottom line of my fussbudget observation: It wouldn't hurt to bring SC in line with the majority, just for the sake of convenience.

Yeah, I noticed that (use zoom a lot in Adobe Reader which also follows the the usual setup).
a plus one here.


I just went to add this feature and discovered it was already there  :P
See Miscellaneous Tweaks tab of options, near top -- you will see an option to invert mouse wheel.

Ha, yes indeed, it's been sitting there all the time while I was fretting over wheel directions.  :P
Thanks mouser.  :up:
Time to revisit all available settings to treasure-hunt more gems. I am sure I have done this more than once, but obviously some things just don't stick if you read over them too casually.


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