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Is it possible to change the color on selected nodes?

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Is it possible to change the color that shows when you hover your mouse over items on the launchbar without changing the color theme. Right now my bar is black with white text but when I hover over an item the item turns blue can I change that color?

Hmm.. that's an interesting question..
There is currently no option for that.  Can you elaborate a little?  Is the text shown when you hover unreadable? Or just a color you don't like?
Does the color depend on the theme you have chosen in the root Options node? What theme have you selected there?
In your docking bar, what option do you have set for "Background Display"?

no the text is fine I can read it. It's just the color that I would like to change or get rid of entirely. I chose the default themes and background display is set to colored and clWindowT

Well you should be able to disable the mouseover text.  Go to the dock node, and go to the second tab "Docking Bar 2" and disable "Hints on MouseOver" and maybe the "Use caption as hint.." one too.  Let me know if that works for you.

just tried and that didn't work either. would using an image as the dock's background fix it ?


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