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Multiple Catastrophic Failure Logic...


Ready for a nightmare?

Yesterday 2 USB drives failed. Both were working. Both failed within a few minutes of each other.

I needed them to backup data from my wife's computer and my NAS. So much for that.

Today, I bought 2 x 1 TB drives.

Managed to get the data on my wife's computer backed up. (Small mercies...)

My desktop died. My main machine. Dead. Farted away 3 hours that I don't have trying to fix it.

The box boots... then freezes. Nadda. Tried pulling out cards and all that. No more time to sink into it.  :wallbash:

My daughter knocked out the router while I was copying family pictures from the NAS. Sigh... Hours of copying, and now I have no idea what's been done... not that it mattered as the network speeds are so darn slow. (Reminder to self - investigate routers very well before buying another...)

We fly out in 31 hours. All day tomorrow is completely booked up - every minute is already taken. We're not finished packing.

So... stuck on the laptop for now.

I figure I'd best just grab the drives out of the desktop and trash it. If I cart it half way around the world and can't get it fixed, then it was a total waste. We have 6 flights before we arrive at our final destination.

The NAS has all the family pictures on it, so, I'll take that with me instead. I was going to pack it and mail it, but not now with no extra backups.

Another computer I can buy --- family pictures? Not so much.

It's been a crappy day. Tomorrow had better be better.

Ready for a nightmare?

We have 6 flights before we arrive at our final destination.
It's been a crappy day. Tomorrow had better be better.
-Renegade (May 10, 2015, 02:12 AM)
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Yikes! Perfect Storms and George Clooney's!

Meanwhile, fix flights!?

I hope your luggage makes it all that way!

I hope your luggage makes it all that way!
-TaoPhoenix (May 10, 2015, 02:20 AM)
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Uh, yeah, same.

Having worked as assistant operations manager for a courier company whose main line of business was delivering lost luggage for all the airlines (if/when they found it), I can tell you that if it is valuable to you, don't EVER stick it in checked baggage!

Each and every connecting flight in which your checked baggage will have to be moved from one plane to another, there is a big risk that it may not make it onto that plane and could end up lost or misdirected. (they collectively lose enough to keep 2-3 courier companies in business, per international airport) And not every item the airlines lose gets found.

And you can not submit an insurance claim for sentimental value on lost items. At most, you'd get what you paid for the items, and only if you can provide receipts for them. And the total amount you can claim is capped.

If the cash to buy brand new, empty hard drives and NAS is a good substitute for your photos and other data, by all means go ahead and stick them in your checked luggage.

If not, then you better make arrangements to be able to take them in your carry ons, where you can keep a close eye on them.

Best of luck in the preparation and on the journey Ren

Yikes! Perfect Storms and George Clooney's! -TaoPhoenix (May 10, 2015, 02:20 AM)
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Perfect Storm?

I would think that Ren has just become the new poster child for Murphy's Law.

@Ren: I wish you a happy journey and the best of luck carting a Microserver through security  ;)


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