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Vivaldi, the new Web browser for power users

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Anyone using Vivaldi's note-taking capabilities?
They have a new 'notes manager' in-browser in current version (3.1)

See here (scroll down a wee bit)
and here here

Highlights of the Notes Manager:

* Text formatting: Text can be hyperlinked and formatted with common styles such as bold, italics, and headings via a toolbar at the top or keyboard shortcuts. Even more, it can be achieved with Markdown formatting.
* WYSIWYG Editor: The “What you see is what you get” editor allows immediate changes to document in its styled form.
* Find text: The Ctrl F shortcut looks for certain text inside a particular note.
* Undo-Redo: CTRL+Z reverses the last action; CTRL+Y is used to undo the reverse.
* Word count: A character and word count is displayed at the end of the note.
* Attach images: Images can be added from the right end of the toolbar.
* Full-screen editing: Notes can be edited without any distraction in a full-screen view, or along with a detailed notes tree view that can be sorted by note title, content, creation date, associated address or number of attachments.
* New notes: They can be added from a webpage selection via the context menu, through Quick Commands, deleted, and organized into folders.
* Note search: Ability to search through notes with a full-text search box right at the top.
* Sync Notes across devices
* Vivaldi’s secure syncing of notes content across desktop and Android devices is protected with end-to-end encryption. Notes can be used to store some snippets of code as well. User data is stored on Vivaldi’s own secure servers hosted in Iceland.
This means you can compose and view notes safely across devices. For example, you can start writing a note on your Android device, and finish writing it later, or simply view it, on your computer.

Notes Manager, the only built-in note-taking tool in a browser

Our philosophy is having tools built in the browser and the Notes manager is part of it. This means you can rely less on extensions and third-party apps which can hamper performance and pose a threat to privacy and security.
--- End quote ---

To export notes:

Open Quick Commands (F2 / ? E);
Type “Export notes“;
Select a folder you want to export the notes to and click Select Folder.
All notes will be saved as separate text files.
--- End quote ---
=> Exporting as text file would possibly lose all formatting (or may be saved as markdown?). Would presumably lose images though.

Hadn't noticed this.
Looks useful.
Works on Android too :)

Definitely liking Vivaldi so far.  Forces web pages into dark mode (toggle). Notes - though took a bit of fiddling to get the selected text notes to save. Might become my default.

Will be my default. The Notes editor on Windows is a pretty good WYSIWYG markdown editor. Simple but sufficient.

I'm not sure why I hadn't picked up on it before. It was installed on all my devices, though rather down the list in terms of frequency of use.

Will be my default. The Notes editor on Windows is a pretty good WYSIWYG markdown editor. Simple but sufficient.
-Dormouse (June 12, 2020, 05:25 PM)
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Thanks for the feedback :up:


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