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uTorrent has gone rogue

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I really despise the way developers add garbage to their applications and then make it so that the default is to install the garbage. This is a show of bad faith.

To all developers. I understand you got to eat, thus include garbage with your applications. But this is acting in bad faith. Please, make the default to NOT TO INSTALL the garbage instead of installing it. If a user wants to install the garbage it will do so.

The practice reminds me of banks when they change policies without you agreeing to them. They send you a letter telling you that if you do not respond you are agreeing to it. An act of bad faith. The default should be instead, if you do not respond, then you keep the same conditions that we agreed to when you signed.
-rxantos (March 08, 2015, 09:52 PM)
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I have often joked you could mashup a quick version of the legendary Minefield and just change it a bit so that at the end it says "Congrats! You just installed only the program you wanted and not all our garbage!!"



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