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Best programming language to pick up for applications?

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Absent a very strong specific reason to mess with C++, I would strongly advise against it as a first language.  It's more likely to de-motivate you than to motivate you.
C# would be a good choice if you are interested in MS windows desktop apps.

I see, thank you for your input.
Where would be the best place to learn C# other then taking up a class? Do you recommend any books, series or tutorials that i should see?

I always advise people to browse books and find a book that speaks to them. will have tons of them, filter by 4+ star rated books on C# and find one that looks like it matches your style of learning.
Having said that, these days there are some really wonderful online tutorial sites.. Maybe others here can recommend some.

I think the C# tutorials made by Microsoft are a good start.

And the ultimate list of free programming books online is always a good start...

Experts and beginners alike might be interested in taking a look at this: PWCT- Programming Without Coding Technology: Free Science & Engineering software


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