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is it possible to easily build a GUI mockup?

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I want to make a GUI, mock GUI, not functional, but that it will look and feel like the real thing

I want basically a grey window (like a properties/preferences/options window)

the controls I need are these:
a text box with a drop down menu, where as you type text inside the text box, it will filter and display the matching entries of the already saved entries of the drop down menu
a + button next to it, which by clicking it, it will add the text you typed inside the above text box, as entry in the drop down menu

I need 5x5 of those, or maybe I can add/delete them (with relevant buttons) and move them inside the window as I like?

can you tell me please how to do it, or if you are wizard you can do it for me easily? it can be a web gui, a win8 gui, a program, whatever

the ability to easily assign macros would be highly appreciated! for example I want when I select a specific entry in the drop down menu, to display in a line below, 3 more of these text boxes with their own drop down menu entries



I tried some, but none had the control I need: text box with autocomplete drop down menu

I tried some, but none had the control I need: text box with autocomplete drop down menu
-kalos (March 06, 2015, 03:50 PM)
--- End quote ---

I thought you wanted non-functional?  If you want functional, you're going to have to do some work.

Download Visual Studio Express or a free version of Borland's RAD Studio and create your mockup with it. You can easily add functionality if needed, in your language of choice, VB, C# or Delphi.


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