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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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Hi all. Clif here from the long defunct Clif Notes Freeware newsletter. Doing almost nothing online these days. Using mostly Linux and Android at home. I care little for my old love of Windows freeware any longer. Nearing retirement but raising one of my grandsons now. Nice to here from you Mouser. Fond memories of this forum.

Clif!!! So cool to hear from you!!
I'm beginning to view you guys as those who have escaped from an online internet addiction, while the rest of us are stuck in it!  :huh:

jdmarch, i missed your first post here! great to see you buddy!  :Thmbsup:

I look at every news letter and log in now and again. I still have some DonationCoder credits, and probably when I'm forced to upgrade to Windows 10, I'll shower them on folks who help me the highly specific nonsense I'll be irritated with once I get there.

I still have my New Year New App contest mug! It has a chip in it right where I'd put my sipper, so it holds a bunch of chopsticks now, but I still have it! And I also still use the application that I begged Skwire to code for me as well, a good five years or so logged on Anuran (

Doctor Frog!!! Nice!  I'll bet skwire will be happy to hear that :Thmbsup:


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