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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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Hi mouser and forum members.  Thanks for your email Jesse.  I'm still here.  I read occasionally.  I'll have a scan through and see if I can make a contribution somewhere.

Cheers, Jeff

Hi Jeff!!
It's funny how bad I am with names but the avatars I remember instantly and they make me smile.

Well I think I've already spent my good will, accidentally.

Still, I wish nothing but the best for mouser and his friends. I hope you guys succeed and harbor no grudges against my dumb ass for having to say something about the lack of https by default on logins, which I guess doesn't matter much since client-side hashing is apparently done by SMF javascript.

db it's all good, no worries  :)

That long, huh? :)

Hello, everyone! Still alive, just life bitchin' me...


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