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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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Distraction while typing mouser?
--- End quote ---
See my note above about the time traveler.  Use caution when approaching this individual and stay at a distance of 10 meters at all times.

Hi Scott!

Really... 2011? I need to sort out my bookmarks, they read

Giant Bomb
Donation coder recent posts

Anyway, I blame Reddit for the lack of posts here! Also I actually managed to work out how autohotkey and visual studio works so I didn't have to pester other people to make my applications.

I worked at the University of Southampton when I joined and I'm still there. I look after online exams and lecture capture. My ExamStart system (remembering that I really couldn't program anything when I joined this site) is one of the only specialist University exam portals in existence (because no-one else would have use for it:

mediaguy! great to hear from you -- this thread is quickly becoming one of my favorites :)

Hi Mouser. You may, or may not, have forgiven me for 'outbursts' which may have cut too deep.

First, let me make a minor criticism of this site infrastructure (sorry). Where is the SSL? I had to send my password plaintext to reset it. Tried using manual SSL on that page, but it "wasn't allowed on this page". SSL should be on all pages. I'm sorry, but - please.

Second, if your server costs are still as high as they were, you need to find a new host, for someone is making a living off you.

Third, I'm not getting rich myself, so what do I know. It seems to take a suit and stiff to really 'make it' in this world, so I just stick to my little niche, as do you. Probably we could have made more money together than apart, but we had ideologies that I think would have conflicted.

I've always respected that you built something with DonationCoder. People don't appreciate how much work it takes. People don't appreciate how much faith it takes.

However, I have learned, unfortunately, my choices are either be broke the rest of my life, or play the game by the rules society has set. I can try to act as morally as possible, not be shady, but gotta play by those rules, as sick as they may be. A large portion of the people who run our world are just pretenders in suits. That does give us 'real deal' people quite the advantage, *if* we know how to leverage it (rare) ;).

Even Mr.Bitsum is here :D
Great thread :)


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