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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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It's so nice to hear from you!  You moved to australia huh?  we have quite a few members from australia but with all of the insane crazy creatures living over there i think if i lived there i would only leave my house in a suit of armour.  must be a real culture shock!

Hello there!

Oh I remember the donationcoder forums. I got in here via Cortex Command somehow. (I think this guy named Nahuel, who was Cortex Command's anti-piracy / anti-crack guy with this weird polar bear fetish (Might even have him added on Facebook), lead me here) (Edit: scancode was his nick!)

I was in ... maybe 9nth grade then, so somewhere between 14 and 16 years old. I am now 21 years old, however.

I was kind of a beginner with programming back then, but I knew decent amount of stuff still, so not a complete beginner. I think I even tried solving some of the programming puzzles found somewhere on this site and I remember doing some C++ puzzle that was related to banking (never got that one done).

Well I've continued and gotten a lot better since then. I've never wanted to do anything else than computer stuff / programming and to this day I still do not.
I will graduate with my B.Eng. degree of Software Engineering in 2 months and I will be continuing with a master's degree of software engineering after summer.
I work whilst studying in an engineering / consulting company with around 1200 emplyees. I am a system's developer / analyst and I make around 20% more than the average just graduated fella.

Recently, I've been getting into wines, cheese and coffee made from fresh ground coffee beans. I haven't gotten to actually try the coffee yet as I don't have a bean grinder yet, but I am obtaining this cool antique bean grinder from my grandma at the end of this month. Wine is costing me a lot of money, as I tend to drink quite lot of it whilst programming. I am thinking about switching to cheaper ones when I am alone.

I am looking to buy a new jacket, but I have absolutely no taste. This and this are the candidates so far.

As for what exactly I do with computers as of now; I have gotten into web stuff mostly, so Node.js, express,, HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, Transit, Redis, AppFrameWork, Phonegap, grunt, gulp, PHP and so on are the main things I am working with on a daily basis. I do a decent amount of C# and C++ as well, especially if I want to make games or something with proper OOP. I use SFML.NET for all my desktop games.

Pixi.js and some other WebGL frameworks are also something I make games with, when I feel like I am ready to get annoyed by JavaScript, although JavaScript is one of my favorite languages.

There has been a lot of talk around the internet about the new Raspberry PI, Unity going free and Unreal Engine going free. I am honestly not too amused. Sure that stuff is great and all and Raspberry PI is amazing feat of hardware technology, but all of those just kind of dodge my interests. I always liked making games from absolute nothing because it was challenging and I'd learn a lot. I also LOVED implementing all the required algorithms by mysel, be that a simple projection or a path tracer or something more difficult. These tools take everything I love about making games away from me as they have all the "good stuff" already built in. Besides, 3D games are boring and damn near impossible to be made by a single person with the models and all.

As for the Raspberry PI, I don't do a lot of electronics. I am 95% software guy, so that does not really interest me that much.

Hmm what else, what else... Oh I make gamehacks as a small hobby from time to time. Nothing too serious; some packet forging, datamining, memory editing and tiny dll-injections. Apparently there isn't even that much work involved with, say, making a godmode or a teleportation hack for Final Fantasy XIV, Archeage or Guild Wars 2. BeEF, Nessus and Metasploit are even more interesting to toy with.

Unfortunately I've moved mostly to Reddit and Stackoverflow when it comes to online coding communities. Thanks for the email though mouser, I will try and drop by more in the future!

Love it!! It's great to read about all the things you are up to  :up:

Bibbity bobbidy boo
I'm currently eating a shoe
My life, it sucks
Who gives two fucks?
And with that, off you can screw



[not really but i had to rhyme]


Distraction while typing mouser?


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