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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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Hi Vixay, it's great to hear from you again!  :up:
It's so strange with my bad memory sometimes I have a hard time in real life or virtual matching names to faces to memories, but my heart gets a bit happier automatically when it sees a familiar forum name :)

Hi fredra!
Welcome to the club of folks who took 10 years to make their first post  :P Better late than never, just don't wait another 10 before making another post.

tinjaw and Tekzel -- wow life has taken you guys on some rides!  I cannot tell you how nice it is to see your names and avatars again.  Sometimes i think it is a miracle and an accomplishment for many of us to just survive day by day.  And it should be said that there is no shame at all from stepping away from an online life when such a thing is distracting you from real life.  Real life takes precedence. Sharing some of your real life with me and us is very appreciated -- we are all human and struggle.  And for some of us (me included) sometimes we can feel a close bond to someone even if it's just from shared discussions of mundane issues on a forum.  Sometimes time has a way of doing that.  It was great to hear from you guys.  :-*

Hi there! Yes it sure has been a long time. In my case it was simply real life taking over everything a bit too much, and by some point I was so far out of the habit of posting that it never really occurred to me any more.

I would like to echo what seems to be a unanimous sentiment, that DC is a THE place to find great people, great utilities and a very supportive and helpful community.

Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary. The old place looks in good shape! I'll have to do some catching up.

TIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :-* :-* :-*

It's so wonderful to hear from you and see your "face".  Twiggles and Cobbe will always have a place in my heart.
I'd love to hear more of what you are up to if you feel like telling, if not that's ok too :)

Can we put a halt to all these comments about DC being some paradise on earth ;D
Surely it's enough to say we wandered through a mislabeled door into a room and got stuck with each other for better or worse.  :)


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