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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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Share some more details with us when you are ready!

Hello Mouser!

 I still use AHK daily! I'm even thinking of setting up a good phrase expander that the entire team can use ( with hints and prompts, because basically people forget it exists, like keyrocket).

Anyway it's good to see that you are still active! I guess mouser's predication of micropayments came true, now it's available everywhere and people use it on a daily basis!

I love the dc community especially the great helpful people here. I still use many tools and it's my goto site for some coding snacks.

Live  life and enjoy!

This is the first time I'm reading about mouser's motivations so it's heartening to see you follow the dream! Live the idea brother!

Anyway if you are ever travelling abroad in asia, look me up and we should meet.

Hey mouser
Thanks for the email reminder... has it been 10 years already?
This brings back some memories of the help I received when I joined... Thanks for that.
I raise my proverbial glass and say CHEERS  :Thmbsup: :D

Hello Jesse and community members. Congratulations on ten years! I have fond memories of my time spent here. I am reminded of it often as I have two N.A.N.Y mugs that I use for pen holders. One at home and one at work. I still work for the US Army on military simulations. I have also written some software that is used where I work. I've recently started building games for them. I have done one so far and starting on a second one now. I'm using Unity and learning as I go. I don't belong to any online communities. I got rid of my Facebook account years ago and I never post any more to Twitter or Goggle Plus. There are no forums I visit regularly. I don't even really surf the Net much any more. I do use the Net every day, but it is mostly as a reference system while coding or troubleshooting. I've also stopped using most programs that I purchased during my time on DC -- all the various utilities and such. I just use programs as I need them to accomplish what I need to do. No more tinkering and tweaking my system. I've also started using a Mac about 50% of my computing time. Needed to make the switch in order to build apps for iOS devices. Outside of my day job, I have been technical editor on some books. Done about eight so far and just started on another. It keeps my busy on the weekends and brings in a few extra bucks to spend on games on Steam. Since my days on DC, I have found a wonderful woman that I live with. I have given up on forums/communities mostly to spend more time with her. We even find some time to play a game of Civilization IV together every now and then. Overall I have slowed down quite a bit. It turns out for most of my adult life I've had Bipolar Disorder II and didn't know it. That means that much of my bursts of energy were due to Mania. So most of my late nights and fits of overly abundant activity were bouts of Mania. Since I am now on medications, I am more "normal" and don't get get so hyper. I'm basically a lot more mellow. I'm glad to see DC is alive and kicking. It has always been a great resource. I'm sure it will continue to be so for many years to come.

Wow, it sure made me smile when I saw Mouser's email in my inbox.

Hi everyone. My life changed quite drastically in 2009, as in January of that year I lost my job due to the economic problems and mismanagement by the owner. I was the last employee remaining and the business closed down less than a month later.

That year I decided to do something I always wanted to do, but never had the confidence to do: go to college. Initially, I was pursuing a degree in computer science, but less than two semesters in I decided that if I were going to do this thing, I was going to do what I always wanted, not what was easiest. So, I switched to electrical engineering. It was quite difficult for a number of reasons, but a major issue was I quit school at 15 and never went to high school. I started college at 37, so I had a LOT of background to make up. I had horrible study habits in school before which is part of what lead to me quitting. I've been struggling with those bad habits since I started this time too. My grades are ok, not stellar, but certainly not what I am capable of, unfortunately. :)  It's funny, I spent my entire life thinking I was bad at math, only to find out that I'm actually pretty good at it, just lazy. haha

It has been a long road and college has consumed most of my existence for the last 6 years. Pretty much everything else in my life has dropped off to the periphery. I got divorced a few years ago, though that wasn't due to college. We both agree that we should have never been married, and we are good friends to this day.

I am about 3 semesters from graduating with a BSEE and am now trying to decide whether to pursue a master's or not. It's a hard decision, as I'd really like to get a real job again and stop being so poor! haha

Other things of note, I lost 100lbs a few years ago and was very active for a long time, but had some medical problems that prevented me from being nearly as active for quite a while and my lazy nature to take over again and I've gained most of it back. It's especially painful as the weather changes and the outdoors call so strongly. So many things I want to do, but I'm too fat and out of shape to do them haha. Oh well, I'll lose it again!

Well, I guess that's "other thing", not much else going on. Other than being the poorest I've ever been in my life, and being about 80lbs over weight, I'm the happiest I've ever been. I also don't really do much programming any more. I've taken a required C language class for EE, and recently decided to minor in comp sci so I took a few more classes for that such as a java class, and a data structures class I'm taking this semester, and helping fellow EE students with their C problems. I did enjoy some C in my microcontrollers class, and I'm working with a professor on a microcontroller based power controller on which I designed and wrote the firmware, and designed the board in Eagle CAD.  I still enjoy writing code, I just hate doing UI stuff. I like doing the back end coding, its all that interfacing with people stuff I don't care for. haha.

I'm glad DC is still here, I'll try to come around once in a while going forward. :) Well, back to studying. Have an Electromagnetic Fields test tomorrow.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this is the only online community that I ever felt a sense of belonging with, back in the day. I really enjoyed my time here back then. :)


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