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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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Good work app!

Innuendo, it's still good to see you :)  :up:

App pulled me here.

I think I'll keep the "anti-piracy / anti-crack guy with this weird polar bear fetish" tagline.

I'm still alive and kicking. Haven't had time to be on any forums lately, but I popped up on IRC the other day. I'll spend sunday reading DoCo and seeing what it's up to.

Great to see you scancode!! I'm just loving seeing all of these familiar avatars..
I want to hear more about what everyone is doing in real life.. Feel free to post some photos if you like :)

App pulled me here.
--- End quote ---

+1 Bounty hunter point for app.

Hi. I was surprised to learn today that I'd never posted.

I figured I must have in the early years because I've learned quite a bit from these forums. And what I've learned, I used for specific tasks -- but have never written a program or script worth sharing anywhere.

Mouser, thanks for dreaming this up & keeping it going.

ajcam you were the 77th person to register on this forum!!
(that means you signed up within the first 30 days or so of us being online in 2005).
awesome.  great to have you here :up:


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