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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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What a nice bunch of posts to wake up to! Look at all those wonderful names and avatars.. gjehle, d4ni, nontroppo, MrCrispy, brotherS(!)  So nice to see your friendly faces.   :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:
-mouser (March 07, 2015, 08:12 AM)
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Yeah, reunions are really cool, especially with the high quality of the people here. Great to see all these posts!

Hi, mouser, have a great, great birthday ! DC has helped me realized I could build things on my own, release them, and that people would use them. DC is a amazing place on the internet, where everybody like your efforts good or bad and I think that it's a lot because of you mouser. You are a amazing person and you make this place unique. And I'm truly meaning unique, I don't know of any place on the internet where people are as supportive as DC.

In the last year I also got sciatic pain that caused me pain when sitting, and now have to exercise an hour each day and this took the time I used to spend on DC (I'm getting better these days, but it's a sloooow process ). Because I couldn't code as much I've returned to playing to lot of pen and paper role playing games with friends.

In the process, I've also started writing one called "biz&beyond" about the creation of a startup of ghost hunting where you need to hunt ghosts and clients to grow up your business ;)


It is so wonderful to hear from you.  Playing games with friends in real life is a good way to spend your free time.  Biz&Beyond sounds funny -- perhaps you'll share more of it with us when you are ready.
Regarding sciatic pain -- I had it for half a year at some point in my leg.  Jogging on treadmill made it disappear at some point and it's just a faint memory, so probably yours will be soon too.

So this is DonationCoder's 10th anniversary? I didn't know I joined so close to the beginning!

If I hadn't wandered back and started participating a couple months ago I probably would have been on the lost sheep list as well.

I have notified iphigenie, scancode, momonan, on Facebook, and a few others not on your list that I know you would love to hear from.  ;)


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