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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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Dear jesse and the rest of the DonationCoder family,

First off thanks so much for the email and reminder, 2009 was my last post. It is a real pleasure to say HI! again. I was never a real programmer (I'm a neuroscientist who makes do with Matlab), but I really do enjoy thoughtful conversations and interesting discussions, and DC was just brilliant for this (and I imagine still is!!!!). Jesse, I think you did the most amazing thing building this community, and you should be really really really proud of that.

FARR was my first love on this site, then I became interested in ways to improve productivity. My fellow DCers were always great to discuss/argue/share/laugh with. I moved to OS X and stayed around a bit longer as I wanted to share some of the differences and changes with this community. I still work for a living trying to understand how brains work, still living for work in the metropolis Airstrip One (aka London) and living a full life with a new Son.

I was always so amazed with how much Jesse cared about his software and how respectful he was of others. I know one can never "know" someone over this big crazy electronic web, but Jesse is obviously someone I would trust. I would gladly go out for a good coffee / beer / whisky (delete as appropriate), if it wasn't for the geographical displacement.

I would normally be a bit grumpy getting reminder emails, but DC is a family and this is a pleasure.  :beerchug: :drinksmiley: :beerchug: to the next 10 years!!!!

Hello everyone!

I still love this site and apologize for not having been very active, I have mostly been a lurker here reading all the great posts and learning from them, discovering new software etc. I'm just glad to be reminded of this by mouser, and will try to contribute more.

Hello there!  8)

Yes, it has been a while... I liked the idea of you, mouser, to reach out to "the missing 122". I've been very busy with other stuff so I haven't been to the site... but I'm still using ScreenshotCaptor, even though I probably need to update it!

And hello tomos!  :)

What a nice bunch of posts to wake up to! Look at all those wonderful names and avatars.. gjehle, d4ni, nontroppo, MrCrispy, brotherS(!)  So nice to see your friendly faces.   :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:

Very much here.
Haven't been posting. But am a great consumer of the posts and topics


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