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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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Hi joby! I remember your avatar well.

Hi mouser, still alive but less active on software. Seems like the world has changed. Anyway, here's what I'm working on .

imtrobin, nice to see you.  You're involved in the making of the game? or the making of the trailer?

oh shit, 10 years?
where did all those go?
i sill remember the pre-donation coder mouser from #mircryption, that slightly paranoid privacy fetishist who wouldn't trust anyone.

speaking of trust, that's what i'm working on right now as my day job.
cannot go into the details since it's not public yet, but once it is, i'm certain you'll hear of it ;)

exec summary: doing well, eating food, coding stuff.

Happy 10th anniversary :Thmbsup:! FARR was one of my first and greatest experiences with application launchers, it certainly has made my daily interactions with computers much more enjoyable :-) I just had to drop by and say hi after receiving the e-mail you sent. Thank you for creating FARR and all the best Jesse!

- Daniel


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