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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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Cody is feeling lost without his creator.. :(

Elvis just left the building (aka: nudone was a visitor, less than 30 minutes ago, but it may be something automated as I see his name in the recent visitors list several times a day)

Hello. Indeed it is my birthday today but more importantly it is nearly the 17th of March, the date ten years ago I joined the site. (I was going to wait until Tuesday and then briefly say hello but Mouser has called me out.)

There's not a lot to say... I'm still here; just lurking. I probably check the forum five times a day. I don't do Facebook nor Twitter so this forum takes the place of all that (as it did before social media came along).

I'm busy with work, putting wordpress sites together (none of my own designs) or fixing other people's. I don't do any illustration, etc. I wouldn't have the time even if I had the inclination now. Maybe that will change one day (sorry Cody).

Anyway, it seems odd saying much else as I'm still here, everyday, just lurking behind that wall over there. I'll still be here in ten years as I'm sure DC and mouser and Cody will be. Until then, all the best to everyone on the forum.

nudone!  the nude one!!

good hearing from the old time members.  You know, a lot of people scoff at the nature of the internet and technology, and how it's not as personal.  I don't know.  This is pretty real.

Just wanted to post the historic first time Cody appeared.  Some sweet nostalgia:
November 12, 2005, 12:25:42 PM


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