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MiniTool Partition Wizard PRO - do we need a mini review of this software?

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I received this somewhat odd PM (personal message) today from @skylly: (the ID shows Posts: 0)

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is MiniTool stuff,We sent you a message through your fellow workers kindly told us this email,so I write this for a software review of MiniTool Partition Wizard.

MiniTool Partition Wizard is one of the most popular hard disk partition tools and it was one of the top 10 windows APPs on CNET. It has over 13 million downloads on CNET. You could check more information about this tool here:

Details about request:
1, you can write your own way of writing review about MiniTool partition wizard 9.0.
2, you can decide to review posted time.
3, We will provide a MiniTool  Partition Wizard Professional Edition 9.0  license code for you
4, If you have any question about review,please feel free tell me,thank you.

-skylly (March 05, 2015, 02:47 AM)
--- End quote ---

Not sure what to make of this. Is it likely to be some kind of spam?
I wouldn't usually review a piece of software unless I was or had been using it for my own purposes and had found it to be worthwhile writing about (hence I don't generally write negative reviews).
I don't see MiniTool Partition Wizard PRO (currently at version 9) being of use to me at present, snce I don't really need to muck about with partitions, except where it is part of something else - e.g., AOMEI Backupper FREE + AOMEI Partition Assistant FREE - Mini-Review

There are perfectly adequate reviews around for earlier versions of this software, as listed at - it seems to be reasonably well-received. The reviews look at the Pros and Cons in a relatively balanced fashion. Maybe it's simply the case that getting more published reviews on an increasing number of different forums/websites is an objective for marketing purposes, I don't know.
Anyway, I'm not currently contemplating doing a review for this.

I'll just chime in briefly to say this kind of thing isn't unusual or spam (at least in the traditional sense) -- it's just a company that wants to have their software publicly reviewed (positively they hope), to get more exposure and publicity.
If it's not software you are interested in, just ignore it :)

I see now you received this not as an email but as a forum message -- ok well as long as this user is only sending out one or two messages to those people on the forum who have written reviews about similar tools (which i think you qualify for), there's no harm.  If they start spamming large numbers of people on forum, then we'll step in.

Last May they gave away the Pro version 8 someplace.  I don't really need it either.  The free bootable CD is quite powerful.  I guess I installed the Pro because it was free and had GPT support.  This Windows 8.0 Laptop is GPT and that makes me paranoid.  Not because it isn't better but because my MBR experience is now obsoleted.  :)

I don't remember where I got it though.  On the W8 W7 and Vista forums I am on they recommend it highly.  (The posters who regularly reconfigure their partition setups.)

If it is spam at least it seems to be for a product that works.  :)

Edit: after search I see they had v. 9 Pro on GOTD Feb. 15.  But I have no day to day need for it or I would have noticed.  :)

^^ All makes sense.
Maybe somebody on the forum, who is qualified/experienced with the use of this tool, could pick up the challenge and write a review?
That could be useful, both for the developers and for DC Forum members.
I don't think I qualify as, having no need for it, I don't have any purpose for it or experience of using it.

The real problem with writing reviews of software like this -- is that you really need some descent familiarity with the main alternatives -- it's simply pointless for someone who hasn't used other partition tools to review just one.  And given how rarely people use partition tools, it's not something that most people have much experience with.


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