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Avoid AdBlock Plus for Android!

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Hi folks,

Today my mom asked me how to check how much data she was using on her phone, so while I was walking her through the process, I followed the steps on my own tablet and came to a shocking discovery:

AdBlock Plus has consumed almost 60GB of data in the past 30 days since I installed it:

The two apps that follow behind at 10.5GB and 2.75GB are (in reverse order) Titanium Backup, which backs up my device and uploads the backup to cloud storage, and Sync, which syncs the backups to my PC. And the only reason Sync used up so much was because when I downgraded from 2.0 yesterday, I had to re-sync all the files again (about 6GB) to my devices.

In other words, the rightfully most bandwidth heavy apps only used ~2.75GB and 4GB (under normal circumstances) of data in the past 30 days. Yet for some reason an app that is supposed to be saving me bandwidth by stopping ads from downloading at all is somehow using nearly 60GB of data!

And it would be nice if it even worked. But I still have ads on my device.

So I've uninstalled it, and I'm putting out the warning to others in case they are using it, not realizing the potential damage it could have on their data plans.

that is insane if it's real..
but i wonder if it's some kind of mistake -- like if Adblock Plus was filtering all traffic and the Data usage calculator ended up double counting all bandwidth and assigning it all to Adblock Plus?  just a thought because that number seems insane.

60GB in 30 days can't be right, something like mouse's explanation must be the case, surely?

I suppose that if it is something like what mouser explained, it's not that the bandwidth was counted wrong. I compared the bandwidth on certain dates with my router's bandwidth log and they match up. But perhaps the bandwidth on my tablet was attributed to the wrong source? I suppose it's possible that the majority of that bandwidth belongs to the Netflix app, as my wife does like having Netflix going while she's doing other things.

But I still don't understand how it could do that. First of all, the Netflix app doesn't have any ads. Secondly, she has a separate user account on my tablet, so it calculates her bandwidth separately than mine. Additionally, AdBlock Plus isn't installed for her on her account, so it shouldn't be filtering her Netflix app anyway.

It sounds like we need an answer from AdBlock..


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