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Screenshot Captor: A feature I would like added - precise region capture options

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not a bad idea.. right click to drag, i'll give that a try.


I appreciate your consideration to revert back to the more simple keystroke approach to nudging the cursor without the key modifiers. I agree that it might be nice to use the Shift key in conjunction with the arrow keys to move the selected region, but only after the region had been defined. Then finalize the select with the spacebar as it does in 4.9.3.

I know you said that the only functional change was the addition of the SHIFT modifier. Actually, the selection process did seem to change more. If you try my steps above, one time with #4  and one time without it, you will see what I mean. In the beta, you can still use the spacebar to start the selection, but in order to use the arrow keys directly after hitting the spacebar, you now have to use the mouse to move the cursor, otherwise using the arrow keys before moving the mouse just moves the start point.

In 4.9.3, you could use arrow keys, or mouse or combination of both in succession after selecting the start point. Then finalize the selection using the spacebar again.  In the beta, after starting the select with the spacebar, the arrow keys seem to only become active after first moving the cursor with the mouse. Then to finish the selection you have to hit the Enter key (not the spacebar).


If you want to select a region and move it around the screen quickly, you might consider using the Fixed region selection that can be moved freely and quickly around the screen using the mouse. It would be nice if this could be fine tuned using the arrow keys when you got close, but currently the arrow keys don't seem to have effect in v4.9.3. Maybe this could be added to Fixed Region select to make it similar to Select Region.

Arthur Menu:
Thank you, Bubbajunk, for the tip.

Mouser, this may be an ignorant question, but why would it not be possible for any selected region to have handles, as one sees when using the rectangle tool in a graphics program? By selecting and moving the appropriate handle with the mouse one can easily resize or move the rectangular region.


There is actually a Red Box Capture mode you can select in the options as an alternate way of selecting a region to capture -- that has handles.  Give it a try.

Arthur Menu:
Thanks, Mouser.

I found the red box in preferences. Very handy. But as I went through all the options looking for it I realized that SC is a lot more powerful and complicated than I realized. This isn't your Windows Accessories type snipping tool. I really need to study it. I guess I'd better start watching the videos referenced in your help page. It may be a while before I resurface on this forum.



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