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Screenshot Captor: A feature I would like added - precise region capture options

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Seems like there is a regression in the Selected Region capture in the latest beta compared to the previous version. I am trying the new beta version of SSC and found the recent changes for Selected Region capture to be confusing. My workflow for capturing regions in v4.9.3 is as follows:

1) Use the mouse to place the cursor in the approximate location of the upper left corner
2) Use the arrow keys to fine tune the starting position to a more precise location
3) Press the spacebar to start the region capture
4) Use the mouse to place the cursor in the approximate ending location of the lower right corner
5) Use the arrow keys to fine tune the ending position to a more precise location
6) Press the spacebar to complete the capture

I could skip step #4 if the ending location was not far from the start, and just proceed to #5 to moving to the end position using the arrow keys. What I really liked about this workflow is that the keys were used for precision without having to involve the mouse. This same process doesn't in the same way in the new beta.

Since this is a beta, I assume you are open to suggestions for the final release. Why not keep the existing capability for selection using the process described above and alter the ability to "nudge" the selection using the special modifier keys?

Arthur Menu,

Would the description of my process in v4.9.3 help you with more precise capturing?

I understand what you are saying completely -- and i am still unsure whether to change behavior to make it work like it used to.

Let me explain what i changed, how to do what you used to do, and ask people what they prefer.

The only change with the new version to do what you want is step 5 -- you now have to hold SHIFT to nudge the end point position.
The reason for that is that now moving the plain cursor keys will move the entire rectangle.

I could of course swap that, and make plain cursor keys always nudge the current cursor location -- as it worked before.  in some ways that seems clearer.  The only reason i did it like i did is that it more closely mirrors what happens WITHIN Screenshot Captor when using cursor keys to adjust the current selected region.


Thanks for the quick reply. It seems less intuitive the new way. Also, it seems to go against the concept of "precision capture" to require multiple simultaneous keys to be used. In the v4.9.3 version, after setting the approximate start position, I could be completely key driven after that, pixel by pixel. In the new version, it seems to require the mouse to be involved after setting the start position to offset from that position. Even trying the new process, I'm also getting weird results where extra columns of pixels are added in the capture that weren't part of the selection.

I can't recall which version this new precision "nudging" using arrow came in, v4.9.2 or v4.9.3? But when it did, it vastly improved Selected Region capturing for me. I know no one likes change, but in this case I think the change made things more complicated. And the OP may not even have been aware of the existing functionality to get pixel by pixel precision using the process I described.

yes, i think i am pretty much convinced to go back to having plain cursor keys move cursor endpoint.

but please note, the ONLY different between old and new beta is that with the new beta you use SHIFT plus cursor keys to move the endpoint position.

but again, i think i will change it so that you use normal cursor keys as before, and SHIFT+cursor keys will move the entire selection rectangle without changing its size.

Arthur Menu:
Hi Mouser,

Either way works for me. As long as I can adjust the size of the region before capture, I am happy. But you know what would be neat is if you could press the right mouse button and then use the mouse to move the entire region anywhere quickly. Repeatedly pressing a cursor key can be tedious if you decide you want the selected region to move a fair distance.



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