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capture a map that needs to be scrolled


I am new to Screenshot Captor.
I have an application that provides maps.  In order to capture an entire target region I would need to scroll down.  (The addition section I want to include lies below what is currently in the window.)

The application does not have a scroll feature.  (The mouse wheel controls a zoom feature.)  In order to see parts of the map that are not in the current window I need to "pan". (move the screen content around with the mouse)

I would appreciate some guidance on this. Is there a tutorial that addresses this specific situation?

You can use the "manual" scrolling capture mode to let you do the panning as Screenshot Captor takes different images.
Or if there are keyboard shortcuts that will do the panning in your target app, you could tell SC to "scroll" (pan) using keyboard keys.

I think the issue with manual panning is to replicate a smooth accurate scroll.  I will give it a try.  Is thee a way to program SC to pan in a certain direction? 

I figured out that using the arrow keys is the way.

cool  :up:


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