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Need SSL Certificate Recomendations

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Stoic Joker:
   I've been using a SSL for our Exchange server, but the renewal process is a nightmare. I really don't have time to waste gathering up and submitting a bunch of prove it's me/us documentation every time the cert expires. Is suffering through these types of shenanigans "normal" for SSL cert renewal?? Or is there some place that I can just pay a renewal fee and get the damn thing extended.

   Why does everything to do with SSL have to suck so ridiculously hard?? I swear they had to have been created by the DMV!

I can only commiserate -- the ssl certificate renewal process at StartSSL is painful and confusing and feels like it's from an alternate dystopian dimension.. It's still what I use though, because of price.
If you find something better at a reasonable price, let me know.

I can sympathise with the misery of dealing with certificates. Not fun. :(

In reality, it's just a big scam.

Stoic Joker:
Shit. :( I was hoping you guys had a viable alternative. I just don't know what kind of crazy assed hoops the next guy is going to want to put me through. So with my luck -(with SSL)- the odds of going from the frying pan to the fire are ~50/50. I'd love to find one that would issue a 20 year I never ever have to suffer through this inane nonsense ever again.

Christ, every time you turn around there is yet another huge gaping assed hole in the damn thing (like the latest Apple/Google 'FREAK' Attack Security Vulnerability). And even on the rare good days the NSA (et al.) has turned it into nothing more than a sad joke anyway.

Self-signed, perhaps? At least you can make these last 10 years...

Or is it for the company and it's clients. Because for internal use only, I wouldn't be bothered too much about makin' me some certificates ;)

(it is bad to make such long lasting ones...I am familiar with the do's and don'ts)


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