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on the road again - remote windows access from chromebook, tablet, library-hotel


Steven Avery:
The main puter is at home base. While some stuff is in the cloud or synced or portable, the home puter remains very helpful to access.

 Let's assume good wireless access, allowing that the Airpad and Android abilities to work through phone data often comes in handy, especially for map driving gps good natural restaurant finding times.

When I have a good laptop handy, the answer is simple. Either load the stuff, windows and programs, on the laptop. And use Teamviewer for remote access. My Verizon to Eudora email especially stays home and likes remote access.  Yes, I use gmail, but more as an auxiliary, and all my gmail accounts forward to the home base.

At the moment, no good laptop. So what are recommended options for remote access?

1) airpad or android.  For various reasons I see this as an auxiliary use, but I would give one app or web method a try. Maybe we have a thread.

2) chromebook - this would need some web connection, unless I did one of the chromebook fakeoutslike like downloading an app or installing Linux.  Big advantage .. Good mouse and keyboard.  Setting up an ad hoc local printer ...problematic.

3) library-hotel. - here printing would be easier.  Any good web oriented tools? They would also apply to the chromebook.

Thanks for any ideas. Btw, this is written on airpad using wireless at Bean & Bean ... So I am not opposed to tablets.

All my computers at home run TightVNC.  I can access them easily from my travel laptop, Android phone, or Android tablet.  From my laptop, I use the standard TightVNC viewer.  From my phone or tablet, I use TightVNC's Remote Ripple Pro app.  Of course, all of this is over an SSL VPN connection to my home router.  Is that what you meant?

Steven Avery:
As long as there is nothing overly difficult in the setup, that is what I meant  :) .

Steven Avery:

After I wrote this, I noticed that PortableApps has a Teamviewer app.
After setting up a USB with PortableApps and Teamviewer (easy, except first I want to set it up also for Linux multiboot with utilities to carry with) that will help for anything that takes USB with Windows, especially the library and hotel situation.

Then this seems to help with the Chromebook.

How to Run Windows Software on a Chromebook

Except .. so far the Airpad did not find the Windows system open (same account, waiting for entering key).  I'll try the Chromebook in the AM.


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