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GOG insomnia sale- with a twist!


GOG was founded meaning Good Old Games, and many people complain about the lack of focus on that as of late- they've been branching out, especially reaching out a hand to indie publishers.  It's become based more around their pillars of pricing, DRM, and good service.

With that in mind, they've decided to focus on that in their new insomnia sale.  For those that haven't seen one, it's a pretty wild ride, as they have certain stock numbers (artificial of course) of games to be sold at a specified price, and when they're gone, they're gone... at least until the popular ones are back.  And the discounts are deep- up to and including free (I just got Desktop Dungeons for free while checking out).

This time they have two categories - Seasoned and Fresh.

From the site:

Insomnia returns to

BREAKING: Doomsday projections of an impending worldwide caffeine shortage reported, as the hyper-popular Insomnia promo returns to Last spotted in May of 2014, the "greatest promo ever" has since transformed into a phenomenon most accurately described as "Double Insomnia".'s best men have been unable to fully comprehend the nature of this beastly transformation so far. Preliminary research indicates, however, that its effects are relatively benign.

Welcome back, sleepless friends. Against everyone's better judgement, the hyperactive promo returns to with twice the everything. The Double Insomnia Promo will feature more games than ever, and two simultaneous pools: Seasoned classics and Fresh new titles. If you know how this works you're probably trembling with anticipation already (or is it fear?), but if you're just joining us... well, you'll still probably make it out okay.

What's all the hullabaloo about? All sales are offered in limited quantities, and the number of copies remaining is labeled with a huge counter on the front page. There are two pools, and only one game from either pool can be on sale at one time. Once a game sells out, another will immediately take its place so that two are always available. If you missed your chance, fear not but keep your eyes open! Your favorite one will probably be back. Insomnia mercilessly goes on, day and night, until every single unit is gone - like a carousel of deals. You might even have a chance to get a free game, if you're lucky that is.

--- End quote ---

It annoys some and thrills others, but I figured I'd post notice to the fact that it's going on.

For those who are slightly more lazy than I am:

besides me has anyone bought many more games than they should have during this silly sale? I think I'm up to 9 new titles in 2 days. and I have no idea when i'll get around to playing any of them. 8-()

Not I.

I either already own most of the games from GOG that I feel are must-haves, or I haven't seen any in the sales that interest me enough to jump on the sales.

EDIT: As soon as I posted this, I checked and saw one of the "cards" flip over to a new sale and I decided to grab it. :D

@deozaan - i wanted 'banished' and 'a story about my uncle' for a while. so i snapped them up for virtually nothing. i just missed 'memoria' for $6 when they put 100 copies up for sale. i placed the order. but their system locked up and reported an error. by the time i opened a new tab and reentered things it was gone. i didn't bother complaining. i've had this happen before. and gog never responds in a substantial manner to a complaint about their shopping cart system. which i think tells you everything you need to know about how they operate when it comes to that. the best i've ever gotten back was a 'thank you for bringing this to our attention' and 'we'll look into it.' they answer other questions satisfactorily however. :-)


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