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Skwire: Posted this in General and thought it might be more in your ballpark


Using a list of filenames to find those exact files in a folder of thousands.

4WD has offered various options and i have been through a multitude of other boards.  In most case they all use a variant of robocopy or xcopy but for reasons I cannot explain, i am not having much luck.  So far, I have not managed to get anything to find and copy even 1 file.  Yet I can manually find each with no problem using windows Search by pasting the filename into the search box.  The directory being searched contains over 60,000 files and i have to find 1300 specific PDF files.  The match must be "exact" because there are often variation of the same name that may only be off by one letter or a single "."  
The Best search would probably be a hash tag for the searched item to match the hash of the filename found but that wold start getting into some serious programming.

Of these 1300 files, most will be in a single directory of the 60,000 "file-mix" but the rest will be in older backups of that same "pile of files" so I will need to use the same setup more than once.

Oddly, my "memory" seems to recall that I have had to do this before and at the time did finally find a working solution but it must have been long ago or I am even imagining it.  :(              (wishful thinking?  or a desire to feel "senile" I guess)


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