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Launch any windows application on the cloud (online)

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Launch any windows application on the cloud (online)

I don't find an operating system on the cloud able to execute any windows application.

Do you know anyone ?

Best Regards

Steven Avery:
Architecturally, not possible, Windows apps are linked to the Windows OS.

Chromebooks are designed to get as close to that as possible, by encouraging you to open up apps that are cloud-based from the Chrome browser.  I think it is a good idea for some limited uses, also for  light research and writing on the run, since you can have decent keyboard and mouse and apps in a very inexpensive and light notebook (I paid $125 for mine used, but figure $250.)

They are beginning to kludge "Apps" from Android into the Chromebook (also a Linux dual-boot), but for the full Windows gamut of apps, you need a Windows Netbook or Laptop or Desktop.  Maybe a Windows tablet, you have to ask someone using one of those.


Thanks Steven.

The arquitectural impossibilitating feature is forever ? May in the future be solved ?

Best Regards

Running Wine emulator on android chrome etc in the future

Wine is the Windows emulator that runs on Linux.

Steven Avery:
As for online, that would be a Microsoft implementation.

Windows in the Cloud?

They would expand Office365 to include much more.  However, getting Windows in the cloud through a back door, outside
of Microsoft, is unlikely.  

As MilesAhead points out, there are possibilities to run Windows programs outside of the normal platform, on a desktop,
maybe a tablet.



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