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I just downloaded it here, and was checking out its boot recovery disk creator instructions.
The option to burn a BSOD crash recovery CD says this;
'Please select the Windows version of the target computer'
(followed by a multi-choice window that says this):
'DO NOT specify the Windows version of the target computer'.

Okay, my OS is Win 7 32-bit.
I assume that is the 'target computer'.
So it is telling me to 'choose' Win 7 32-bit, and then 'not to choose' Win 7 32-bit as the OS to burn to CD?

Burning the CD shouldn't be a problem with(in) the operating system the LazeSoft software is installed.

The instructions you mention are for the situation where you actually have to use the recovery CD to boot your computer from. I didn't encounter the instructions you mention on the LazeSoft homepage either (the section that explains how to burn a recovery CD).

In general, for proper instructions, always check the website of the company that makes the software first. If they can't be bothered to have such a section on their website, don't buy their crap.

^thank you. It is very much appreciated.  :Thmbsup:


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