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IDEA: send selected word(s) to translation tab in browser


Hello, is a very popular translation service in Germany. It also features Chinese. There is a commercial app, "Lion", that will translate any text, typically upon ctrl-rightclick, in a dedicated lion-browser window in which leo is then loaded.
The disadvantages: yearly 5 Euro-fee and more problems with ads.

Note: This is a fun idea, and perhaps s.b. finds it nice. Since I could purchase Lion etc, I am not going to set big bucks on this... :) Take it or leave it, perhaps some ideas within my suggestion are of interest , I don't know :-) Thanks! :-)

Here's my idea:
Let's say the user is reading Chinese text in some program and wants to translate a string of 2 Chinese signs.
If no dedicated program is installed, the user will do this:
1. select signs
2. ctrl-c
3. alt-tab to the browser
4.1 if leo-tab is open and active: proceed with 5
4.2 if leo-tab is loaded but not active: select leo-tab
4.3 if no leo-tab is loaded: load leo
5. if cursor not in text field: place cursor [usually no problem]
6. ctrl-v
7. return

My idea:

1. select signs
2. press keyboardshortcut (or run an exe or click a .lnk) (or on some keyboards: Press an AppKey defined in registry that is associated with a special key on some e.g. Lenovo keyboards (is an exe necessary for this that is linked to the Appkey (shellexec...)?)
3. then the following is done automatically:
3.1.1 text is copied (UTF-8?)
3.1.2 if no text was selected: msg window: please select some text first!
3.2.1 If a window exists that contains "Chinesisch - Deutsch W├Ârterbuch -" within its title and that belongs to an opera.exe [/...] process (which means that the correct tab is loaded and active) -> activate that window, ctrg-v and return. (cursor placement never seems to be a problem)
3.2.2 If Opera is loaded but a leo tab is not active: activate Opera and show message: "please activate your existing leo-tab and then hit CTRL-V and Return. If no leo-tab exists, just click _here_ to launch a new leo tab and translate.", with here ={{{COPIED TEXT}}}&searchLoc=1&resultOrder=basic&multiwordShowSingle=on
4. Additional idea: If currently a window is active that contains "Chinesisch - Deutsch W├Ârterbuch -", then the shortcuts/lnk/exe will behave differently: It will activate the window of the program from from where the last translation was launched  (i.e., usually switch back to that program).

ps some background: I don't typically want to use several Opera _windows_; I also did not want to use IE due to security reasons (I have set it up as ultra-restrictive=not usable), but thinking of it, I guess one could put leo into the trusted zone, so one could indeed use IE for this. startup-times of IE are quite short I think, at least on recent computers, and one could do it with a reuse-alogorithm if IE is already loaded... don't know.


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