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Ghacks is dying and needs your help

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Martin Brinkman, who started the Ghacks blog back in 2005, has written a post asking for some financial support from all of us who have benefited from his writing over the years.

A search of the donationcoder forum turns up HUNDREDS of posts mentioning ghacks, and few websites can match ghacks in terms of caring about independent coders.. Martin always spreads the word when he spots a new DonationCoder app he thinks is useful.

So I'd like to ask everyone who wants to show some support for ghacks to go over and read martin's post here:

We small independent sites need to stick together and support each other! I have donated a small amount on behalf of DonationCoder folks, but if you can donate a few bucks to him, please do.  If you can't, then consider taking a minute to at least post a comment of support on this blog to let him know his work is appreciated!

And let's show Martin that we DC people do not forget our friends.

I tried whitelisting.  But... there's a whole lot there that I don't know why it's there.  I'd suggest anyone going that route ask the questions about what these items are for- because even though he might not be doing anything, I don't trust those that he's trusted to serve his ads.

He gives Patreon as another option, and the option that I've chosen instead of whitelisting.  I do it with several things that I support as an alternative to monetization, and it seems to work.

You can also paypal to him directly by sending to: [email protected]

Previously when he had a voluntary donation plan with access to extras like forum I donated a small amount. Would be sad to see anything happen. I also whitelisted ghacks many years ago. Will see what I can do.



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