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Planning for the Third DonationCoder Audio Podcast Radio Show, July 16, 2006


The Third DonationCoder Audio Podcast Radio Show
(scheduled for July 16, 2006), at 8pm New York Time
we need your help recording segments!

Question of the Month:

* Question of the Month: What's your favorite program? or What program do you wish existed?
* For each show we ask our members to submit their answer to a different question. We'll include a few of our favorite answers in each podcast.
* Please don't forget to introduce yourself at the start of your voicemail using your forum name.
* Record your answer on your computer and email it to [email protected] in mp3 format or upload anonymously to

More on the DC Podcast show:


Hmm, favorite program? Very tough call! I have lots. Can I talk about lots? :D Also, would it be amusing if I used a different accent for each podcast, or just offensive? ;)

- Oshyan

sure, you can mention a few.  different accent sounds funny.

it's official - we will now be giving out one cody mug for each podcast, to recognize best submission.

updated with new deadline - moving it to the middle of this month.


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