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Why Do We Pay Pure Mathematicians?


An interesting post on math that I think a lot of people here will really enjoy.

One of the joys of being married to a pure mathematician—other than finding coffee-stained notebooks full of integrals lying around the flat—is hearing her try to explain her job to other people.

“Are there…uh… a lot of computers involved?”

“Do you write equations? I mean, you know, long ones?”

“Do you work with really big numbers?”

No, sometimes, and no. She rarely uses a computer, traffics more with inequalities than equations, and—like most researchers in her subfield—considers any number larger than 5 to be monstrously big.
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Much more at the link.

Have fun! :)

If I Reacted to Other People’s Careers the Way They React to Me Becoming a Mathematician


If I Reacted to Other People’s Careers the Way They React to Me Becoming a Mathematician

-wraith808 (February 27, 2015, 09:35 AM)
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Hahah!  :Thmbsup: That was good!

Here's some practical math that will literally blow your mind, but not in a good way.

In "Paranormal" Europe, Banks Will Pay You To Borrow, And Charge You To Save
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In Europe, Bond Yields and Interest Rates Go Through the Looking Glass

At first, Eva Christiansen barely noticed the number. Her bank called to say that Ms. Christiansen, a 36-year-old entrepreneur here, had been approved for a small-business loan. She whooped. She danced. A friend took pictures.

“I think I was so happy I got the loan, I didn’t hear everything he said,” she recalled.

And then she was told again about her interest rate. It was -0.0172 percent — less than zero. While there would be fees to pay, the bank would also pay interest to her. It was just a little over $1 a month, but still.


Last month, Ida Mottelson, a 27-year-old student, received an email from her bank telling her that it would start charging her one-half of 1 percent to hold her money.
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If you have 200 apples, and give them to me to hold for you, how many apples for you do I have? 199 of course!  8)


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