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Feature request : input field



I've been enjoying CHS for a while now and there's a feature that I'm really missing. It could be added through a custom script I could write but :

1) other users wouldn't benefit from it (and I think it would be useful)
2) I already need to run a custom script on some clips

OK, here is the idea.

I often need to paste a clip but have to add a string in it. To give you a simple example, imagine a clip "Hello %XXX%, how are you ?" where %XXX% would trigger an text input window, allowing you to type custom text to be used instead of %XXX% in the clip.

That's it, you could call it customizable clipping. I can imagine many uses for it. Being able to define the text input window's title would make the whole process cleaner.

This doesn't sound too much of a hassle to add (says the guy that won't do the work  ;))

Thank you for considering adding this and keep on the good work.

Hi Sproutch!

Sorry for the delay in replying.
I like this idea.. it shares a little in common with another program of mine, The Form Letter Machine.

The main reservation I have to adding this is simply that there are some good powerful tools out there for pasting these kinds of "templates" (my form letter machine being one type, but there are others), and i just don't know if it makes sense to have CHS try to provide the full set of useful functions in this domain.  That is, if one does think this is a good idea (and i do), might it not make sense to use a program more specifically designed for this purpose?

There was a time when i envisioned CHS as serving many roles -- managing automatic clipboard history, being a note tool, being a kind of mini database, etc.. I have found that such a do-it-all approach comes with some real cost in terms of complexity, and it has made me more sympathetic to the idea of using different tools for different purposes..

Thank you for replying anyway  :)

Indeed The Form Letter Machine can provide the functionnality but I need to inject the text into the result of the clip text processed by CHS, so it would be much easier if it was included in CHS.

The debate on complexity vs comprehensiveness is a real one but in this case I thought it wouldn't be much of a hassle to implement, but you know better than me how complex this would be.

i wonder if there might be a compromise possible
let me consider the possibility of having chs interact or hand off to another tool as it pastes -- that might make it easy to do what you want and keep chs from getting over complicated.

That well worth investigating if you can dedicate some time to it


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