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Stop the killer robots!



Only twice in history have nations come together to ban a weapon before it was ever used.
Today a group of non-governmental organizations is working to outlaw another yet-to-be used device, the fully autonomous weapon or killer robot. In 2012 the group formed the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots to push for a ban.

--- End quote ---

My take?  I don't know.  I'd like to think that just like we banned poison gas and are on the threshold of banning nukes, it just might go through.  But the pragmatic side of me says no, killer robots will happen, just maybe not like envisioned in the "Terminator" movies or "Hardware" short film.  Why?  
Because this guy:

from Codeproject News

 ;D ;D ;D
From the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots facebook page:

I'm like totally fer sure that the dudes at DARPA and Boston Dynamics are like paying awesome attention and stuff. Fer realz!

<broken_record_mode>The "Our Work" page on the DARPA web site uses a rainbow. This is significant. They didn't do that by accident. It's a clear message.</broken_record_mode>


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