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Exclude Find and Run Hotkey from a Program?

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Hi there,

I just downloaded this program yesterday and I really do like it so far. But I do have a problem: My hotkey (alt-space) is interfering when I play a certain game (WoW, actually). I'm wondering if it's possible to disable the program hotkey in a certain program? I don't really use it when playing WoW but I'd like it still available when switching back to desktop. Just curious if this is already possible?

Thanks for any info.

hi TyrionBean,
I reckon the easiest (and probably the only) approach would be to change the hotkey that FARR uses - see:

There is no way to block it during certain programs, but what tomos said is the best solution.  Go to hotkeys in FARR option and simply uncheck the ctrl+space hotkey and use the default one (Break key) or any other custom one.

Thank you guys for the info. I'll change it to break key as suggested. It'll feel a little weird at first (I'm coming from a Mac with Alfred, and Command/alt-space is something I've been using on Alfred and another program since many, many, years... :) ), but I'm sure I'll get used to it. :)

TyrionBean, in addition to what mouser and tomos said, if you use Autohotkey I think you can make a small hotkey script that triggers FARR with ctrl+space unless some programs A B C ... are active. First set the FARR hotkey to the Break button. Then use a script like this

--- ---GroupAdd, nofarr, ahk_exe game.exe
GroupAdd, nofarr, ahk_exe anothergame.exe

#IfWinNotActive, ahk_group nofarr
^Space:: send {break}
Add one GroupAdd line for each process name that you want to take priority over FARR with regard to the control+space hotkey.


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