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sound to signal copying is done


Looking for a program that can play a sound when copying a file is finished.  Would like for it to work with Windows Explorer, but would also consider another program.  I do not know if this can be done with a snack or not.

To my understanding almost all file managers can play a sound after a copy action has finished. Windows explorer can't. Adding this event to the Windows sound themes is not an option. At least not to the first set of links I found with DuckDuckGo.

An alternative copier such as TeraCopy could also be of help.

Then I found this link.

If you're copying stuff that takes long enough for you to need this, Shades advice is good, look into a utility that is made for nicely copying large (or large numbers of) files; not only should it have an option to alert you with a sound when done, but it will be much better suited to recovering from problems and giving you some flexible options.  TeraCopy, SuperCopier, etc.

See these threads for more discussion of them: ,

From my experience I try to stay away from the tools that integrate into windows built-in copying procedures, and use a tool that only runs when i launch it.


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