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Didn't I used to be able to...

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How strange.
Im using windows 7 here, so that can't be it.  How very strange...
Anyone else care to chime in?

Could you try restarting your pc and see if that might solve the problem?
Also can you try dragging and dropping from desktop/start menu to your file explorer to see if perhaps ALL drag+drop of shell items might be disrupted?

Nope. Just dropped two from Windows Explorer to the start menu without a problem.

Is anyone else using Malwarebytes Pro?  I'm beginning to get a sinking feeling.....

I confess that I don't use the LBC toolbar, preferring to have just the dock icon in my system tray.  However, since I'm using Windows7 and Malwarebytes Pro (and LBC 1.144.02), I thought I'd try to see what happens on my system.  I put up the toolbar, then dragged a shortcut from my desktop to a section of the toolbar.  A message popped up asking "Copy shortcut properties (default) or link to shortcut?"  I chose copy shortcut properties, whereupon I got an error message saying "Access violation at address 0076BC7B in 'LaunchBar Commander.exe.'  Read of address 00194000."  I have no idea whether any of this is useful, but....

I remember the access error when dropping a shortcut in older versions, it's not very comforting to hear that it may still be happening in some cases even in the latest version, especially since I can't seem to reproduce the problem here...
Cyberdiva got the right dialog though, I wonder why Dirkmaster is not even seeing that..  There has to be an explanation.. Maybe it's worth testing if other apps have the same drag+drop problem?  There must be something we are overlooking..

Dirkmaster have you tried rebooting yet?
See here:
There are some cases where the drag and drop gets fouled up system wide and a reboot or kludge like described above can be needed.


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