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Didn't I used to be able to...

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No problems here....
4 systems with Windows 7 (different versions) and LBC 1.144.02

Oh yes, many times. I'm still rebuilding this system, so there's been about 20 reboots. No, it's something system-wide. I guess I'm going to have to disable stuff one at a time to see what is blocking it.


How very strange -- I can't wait to hear what is causing it.

Well, it was as I feared MalwareBytes Pro's Malware Protection was what was blocking it. It's easy enough to turn off temporarily, and then dropping icons worked as expected. Turn it back on, and all is well.

Odd, but at least now we know.

thanx, gang!


good to know that was the cause -- surely there must be some option that can be tweaked to fix it -- and please let malware bytes know about the problem!


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