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Didn't I used to be able to...

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Long time user, first time poster.

Didn't I used to be able to just drop a desktop icon onto an existing toolbar to have that added as a child button?  It doesn't work anymore for me. I'm rebuilding my system, and the thought of manually adding each child and filling in the details is rather daunting.



you can drag and drop items onto a launchbar commander toolbar.. make sure you drag to a blank area.  or open up the configuration tree and drag and drop shortcuts onto that.
if you still can't get it to work let me know!

Yeah, nope. Neither works for me anymore. If I click and hold a desktop icon, and drag it to a blank area of the bar, or the Config tree, the icon under the pointer becomes a circle with a slash thru it. While moving around, it's still the icon of the program. But as soon as it's over the command bar, or the Config tree, it becomes a "Not allowed".


Hmm.. it may be something about the desktop icon that's confusing LBC since it's working here.
Can you try putting a new shortcut on your desktop and then dragging THAT one onto an LBC dock?
If it's still not working, can you tell me more about your situation? What OS?
See if you can drag shortcuts from start menu or file explorer and figure out what's up.
Are you using latest version?
Like I said, it's working fine here so something must be unusual..

Okay, so it's a brand new install of Windows 7 Home Premium. I have MalwareBytes Pro as my AV, I downloaded the latest version to install. 

Start menu does the same thing, as do files from within Windows Explorer.

It's like there's a setting that keeping them from being added that way. I can add them manually at the Config tree, using add node child.




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