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open websites inside a folder from windows explorer

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To Install:
1) Extract
2) Copy folder to C:\
3) Double-click OpenURLs_Install.reg and answer Yes/OK for following requesters

It'll open any .url file in the folder with your default browser, one URL every three seconds.

To Remove:
1) Double-click OpenURLs_Remove.reg and answer Yes/OK for following requesters
2) Delete folder (unless you have something else in there, in which case don't)
-4wd (February 20, 2015, 11:19 PM)
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running to try
 :-* :tellme:

Works fine , except for some reason with a link. Sure is my fault. I will investigate and comment.

Best Regards
 :-[ :-*

I am here again.
Seems in relation to a point or the name of the shortcut :

This is the screenshot with my error :

Windows no puede encontrar el archivo = Windows can't find the file
Asegúrese de que el nombre esté escrito correctamente e inténtelo de nuevo = Assure the name file is correct and try again.

Is possible in a future version open the urls from within the folder ? Right click from an empty zone within the folder or similar....

I have linked this post in mozillaforum where i made the same question...

Seems in relation to a point or the name of the shortcut :
-Contro (February 21, 2015, 07:16 AM)
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Open a CLI and tell me the result of the CHCP command.


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