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open websites inside a folder from windows explorer

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Running to try and inform you.
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except the pause at the final of the script is exactly the same.


Is it necessary for me change the code page in windows 8.1 ?


I think i am a little dummy....

Revising help :

To Install:
1) Extract
2) Copy folder to C:\
3) Double-click OpenURLs_Install.reg and answer Yes/OK for following requesters

It'll open any .url file in the folder with your default browser, one URL every three seconds.

To Remove:
1) Double-click OpenURLs_Remove.reg and answer Yes/OK for following requesters
2) Delete folder (unless you have something else in there, in which case don't)

Updated: Add to Folder background context menu
             Change codepage to 28591, (ISO 8859-1 Latin 1; Western European (ISO))
Updated: Change codepage to 1252, (ANSI)


I afraid i am a little dummy.....

I don't follow the install instructions. So don't was creating the install directory in C:

Now i have done and the program works amazingly.

Thanks a lot


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