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open websites inside a folder from windows explorer

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But I received this message (see screenshot) and i don't know how to do ...
-Contro (April 20, 2015, 05:46 PM)
--- End quote ---

Ctrl+C will (usually) copy the text of Windows' error messages.
You could then try translating.

[- ] mapping_data_source::init error: file not found
[- ] mapping_data_source::init error: file not found
Página de códigos activa: 1252    -  Active code page 1252
No  se  encuentra  el archivo     - File not found

The above messages are in the ms-dos console .

[-] mapping_data_source::init error, file not found   ------ Title warning window

Windows no puede encontrar el archivo "(-] mapping_data_source::Ínit error: file not found",
Asegúrese de que el nombre esté escrito correctamente e inténtelo de nuevo.

Translation Warning Window :
Windows can't find the file "(-] mapping_data_source::Ínit error: file not found",
Be sure the name file is writter correctly and try again

I,s not the first time for me .
Happen in the past and seems a thing nothing to do with this script :

This time I have explored with Chrome into the russian webs.

sometimes the problem seems associated to java.

But there is not solution at the present moment.

Other explanations or commentaries from the russian pages :

- In my case the problem was caused by the incrorrect elimination of software Agnitum Firewall Pro. After uninstall and reinstall the prollem dissappeared.
- sfc /scannow don't solves.
- There is no way to solve except reinstall the operating system....

Hello again 4wd
I have adquired a portatil with windows 8.1
And for some reason now don't go the program

What can i do ?

Best Regards

Works fine here on 8.1Pro x64.

Change it to:

--- Code: Text ---rem @echo offchcp 1252pushd "%~1"for /f "usebackq tokens=*" %%a in (`dir /b /a-d *.url`) do (start "" "%%~a" && %windir%\system32\ping -n 1 -w 3000 >NUL)pause
What does it show in the output?


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