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Simple auto-saving text editor for mercurial commits


I am looking for a simple text editor that auto-saves and closes with a single hotkey combination.

I want to hook this editor to mercurial so whenever I do a commit the editor pops up, I can type my commit message, and then I can hit Ctrl+Enter (or something like that) to auto-save and close the editor to complete the commit.

Ideally, the editor would have word-wrap, the ability to use the mouse to select text, and copy/cut/paste functionality.

I know you can put your commit message into the command line, but I tend to write lengthy commits, so I would prefer to be in a text editor of some kind.

Edit: I'm looking for this in Windows

Where do you want this editor to hook into?  I'm not understanding the use case totally.

You have a mercurial client (and/or are using the commandline), and you want the text to be inserted in there after you close it?  Sort of like something that pops up at will linked to the current window and will save the text there?

Well, it is not a simple editor:

Perhaps this link suits you better:


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