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Preloaded spyware, courtesy Lenovo

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I'm beginning to give up. I mean, what is the point?
"Resistance is futile!", as the soldiers on the Vogon constructor fleet said.
I suspect that there is already more than sufficient evidence to demonstrate that users are being so ceaselessly bombarded/inundated with reasons or arguments to substantiate/justify them being spied upon (for whatever reason, and whether it is by a nation's government, or some corporation, or whoever else wants to justify doing it) that they are beginning to accept it as a de facto condition of using the Internet or any telecommunications device in a Western society. It is a remorseless attack on our freedoms.

The freedoms have arguably, by now, already been lost, whilst we were sleeping, taken by those with more power than our pathetic franchise gives us, and possession being nine-tenths of the law, we are unlikely to be afforded any leeway to repossess them.

So, here we are now, seemingly left in the impotent and feeble position of considering/debating to what extent we will "allow" our freedoms to be further eroded, all the while pathetically deluding ourselves and pretending to believe that we actually have some say in the matter.

In such a storm, we will probably tend to become (or may already be becoming) desensitised to the matter.
Whenever I read this sort of discussion thread, for example, I experience ennui. I sometimes think I should change my email address to [email protected], and have done with it. I used that email address as the recommended fake browser html header when I was using JunkBuster some years back, but at the time I did not imagine that it would come to this.

With the amount of tracking and spyware that comes with new versions of Windows itself and the additional spyware the manufacturer decides to put on your is this different than running an older version of Windows?

The net result is actually the same!

The only thing you don't know with an older version of Windows is who actually collects the info from your computer. With a new PC you know at least it is Microsoft and the manufacturer/selected partners. But if that is some sort of reassurance. As long as I can make my own PC's, I will. The headache of pre-fabricated PC's really isn't worth it, in my point of view.


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