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Android App Idea: 9-ball scorekeeper


Here's an idea for an Android app.

Setting, 5 fellows who want to play 9-ball - you know, where you hit the balls in using numerical order?  Well, with 5 people, you have to use all 15 balls.  When we do this together where I live, I use a little score-keeper app where I type in the numbers and it adds them up for each person.

It seems to me that it would be better if you could, for each player, click their name, then a little image of one of the balls rather than having to type in the value.  Touch-clicking a ball would automatically add its proper value to the score.

Then, aside from the players (that can be added, named and dragged into player order), there would always be one for "the pocket" which indicates any balls that were shot in erroneously (you know, their points don't count for some reason).

Anyway, I can envision the app, but don't have time to learn how to program android apps, so I'm just throwing this out there to see if anyone is interested in making it for themselves (and I could get a copy).


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