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Create new image file from clipboard image



I always experienced this with Screenshot Captor. I use the application for several years.

When I receive a full screen screenshot in an e-mail (embedded image, not a file), and I copy the image to Screenshot Captor (File - create new image file from clipboard image), then only a part of the file (screenshot) is pasted into the new image.

When I paste the original image (from the e-mail) to (for instance) Irfanview, and then perform a copy, Screenshot Captor created the file correctly. Do you have an idea how I can resolved this problem?

With kind regards,

I've not heard of this problem before -- can you send/forward me an email with an embedded image so I can try to reproduce? ([email protected])

I'd be interested in knowing how this could occur. I've never met this problem before, and I can't replicate it now.
Maybe it could be a Copy constraint solely within the browser or an add-on??

Could it depend on the client/browser?
Embedded images are disabled here in gmail - they show as attachments below the mail (cant remember if that the default behaviour, or if I changed a setting for security).


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