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Screenshot Captor used as solution to question


Just like to thank the author of Screenshot Captor, as it's the only tool I've found so far which captures a window which overlaps the screen's resolution (I needed to grab a 6000x4000 pixel window!). Amazing tool, and something I could have only expected from DonationCoder.

On, the bounty-winning answer (awarded by me) used Screenshot Captor as part of the solution:

Confused here... You say:
'no scrolling bars in the window I wanted to capture' - so how does SC get the screenshot?
Does it move the window around?
or can it actually take a screenshot of stuff that is not visible on the screen :tellme:

Awesome, thanks for sharing that Twinbee! And thanks for taking the time to tell people what worked for you.  It's because of posts like yours that people discover our software  :up:

Tomos, I'm not sure exactly what Twinbee was referring to, however with the new "manual" scrolling capture option, SC can stitch together horizontal and vertical content that is not traditionally scrolled.

For curiosity's sake, the window I captured was a plain window created by an old C program I created that used SDL for the graphics. No widgets or anything, just a giant graphic inside a 6000x4000 window frame. The render gradually fills the window pixel by pixel over a period of days.

Suffice to say, there's no way the window would fit on a standard 1920x1080 desktop!


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