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Assign hot keys


On the Screenshot Captor dialog, the screen after a screen is captured, is there the ability to execute the following with hot keys?

1. To clipboard
2. To Clipboard: Image
3. Close Screenshot Captor dialog
Or even better to assign a hotkey to the combination of all three:
"To clipboard>To Clipboard: Image" then close dialog?

Unrelated question, if I remember correctly in an older version of Screenshot Captor instead of the current "To clipboard" button there was a "To Clipboard image" button, no need to use a dropdown as is required currently, can that configuration still be used, straight to save image to clipboard?

I happened to see your post and while I cannot help you with the program you are using, I can offer what I think is one of the best stand-alone Hot-Key programs I have ever used.  It is hard to find as well but Free and has no ad-ware or other troublemakers.

Click this link HERE to get to Clavier+

I have used it for several years and it can be used with or without other applications to create a huge selection of Hot Keys.  Also works fine on Windows 8.1 x64

Thanks questorfla, I will give it a try, thanks for your suggestion.

Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier.

If you go to the "Quick Bar and Post Cap" options page, you will see some options for controlling that pop-capture dialog that you are asking about:

In particular, you can change how the copy button behaves.

And remember you can use keyboard shortcutes to trigger most of the actions in that post capture dialog.

How would I set up ScreenCaptor to set keyboard shortcuts to:

To: Clipboard image
Save Image As
Print Screen


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